House Policy

All citizens need to protect their health, other people’s health and environmental conditions.

Every citizen has the right to obtain a service that is within the scope of the work of the Laboratory, while respecting the basic principles of health care: accessibility, equity, comprehensiveness and continuity.

Each patient has the right to privacy and confidentiality of personal information.

The healthcare institution-laboratory in the field of immunology “Konzilijum” Banja Luka provides laboratory diagnostic services in a professional, impartial and independent manner in accordance with the law, prescribed rules, procedures, instructions and good laboratory practice.

The staff of the Laboratory performs its tasks in accordance with the assigned authorisations, responsibilities and in all according to the requirements of the standard BAS EN ISO 15189: 2013 and good laboratory practice.

With the selection of competent staff and with continuous improvement of knowledge and skills, we maintain a high level of professionalism, which, with the application of new achievements in the field of laboratory diagnostics and modern equipment, leads to the goal of rationalising the main objective: to be recognised for the quality as the leading laboratory for biochemical diagnostics.

The Laboratory provides confidence in the quality of work through internal and external control of results, and through a regular comparison of the obtained results at the international and local level.

Within the standard BAS EN ISO 15189: 2013, the management of the laboratory has recognised the requirements for improving the quality of laboratory work for medical tests as the right way to achieve its goals.

As the most important, the goal is set that the Laboratory meets the expectations of clients and all interested parties with the quality of its testing and good laboratory practice.

In achieving the goal of becoming an important centre for testing in the field of medical diagnostics, the laboratory will invest special efforts in education of personnel, procurement of modern equipment and development of methods with the best validation characteristics and with the lowest possible measurement uncertainty.

Quality is an essential element of the strategy, business policy and tasks of management and all employees in the Laboratory.