History, vision and mission

The laboratory Konzilijum is recognised as a leading laboratory for biochemical diagnostics due to proven quality, accuracy, precision and promptness in delivering laboratory analysis results.

Our journey through time

Konzilijum was founded back in 1994 in Belgrade. In 2005, after the re-registration, it was transformed into the Institute of Laboratory Diagnostics, and already in 2017 it became the first privately accredited laboratory in Serbia. Motivated by the desire to bring our services closer to clients from the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina by being their highest quality support on the road to health, we decided to open the most modern equipped laboratories in Banja Luka.

The leading health institution for laboratory diagnostics, “Konzilijum” Banja Luka, was established in March 2012. Since then, we have provided successfully and gladly over 1000 laboratory analyses based on the latest medical achievements which enable every person to receive valuable results for the preservation of health and vitality in the shortest possible time, well-timed setting up of medical diagnosis, as well as the evaluation of the effectiveness of the applied therapy.


The selection of professional personnel, the continuous improvement of its knowledge, the application of state-of-the-art equipment and new achievements in the field of laboratory diagnostics, all these were the sure steps that led to achievement of our anticipated goal - that we stand out attributable to our quality which has made us the leading laboratory in this region.

Since December 2016, the laboratory Konzilijum has provided the laboratory analysis services in Prijedor as well. In August 2017, Konzilijum received a well-deserved status of the first accredited private laboratory in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in March 2018, it opened new state-of-the-art laboratories with a children’s corner in Banja Luka, thus starting a new way of supporting health for its fellow citizens through creative and educational workshops, events, and permanent benefits and discounts.

The laboratory Konzilijum is the first accredited private laboratory in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Get to know us,
because we provide you with:

  • delivering most of the results of the analyses within 24 hours, and other analyses with the most common time frame from 2 to 3 days
  • continuous discounts on over 1000 laboratory analyses
  • expert advice of the staff in selecting the best package of blood and urine analyses
  • taking samples in the warmth of your home – a home care service at your call
  • delivering the results at the home address
  • specially created packages of laboratory analyses created by top medical experts
  • creative children’s corner
  • warm and pleasant atmosphere of support in the premises of our laboratories
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Our mission

With our work, we want to encourage our fellow citizens to think about increasing self-care, healthy habits and preventive medicine that includes the laboratory analysis, since prevention has the power to change lives and improve the health of each of us.
Konzilijum, the laboratory of the future