We are pleased to share with you the news that on August 24, 2017 we became the first accredited private laboratory in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Sertifikat o akreditaciji

This resulted in the previously established goal that the laboratory Konzilijum with the highest quality of its analyses and exceptional laboratory practice fulfills and exceeds the expectations of its clients and all interested participants in the system of contemporary medicine.

Accreditation means trust - confidence that the users of our services and all medical personnel will receive a reliable, accurate and well-timed result; the confidence that the quality of our work complies with the requirements of the international standard ISO EN 15189 and the confidence that our focus is always on quality.

The way of obtaining accreditation was to go through the process of detailed verification of the fulfillment of the highest quality requirements. This process is conducted and implemented by the Institute for Accreditation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

When the Institute for Accreditation assesses that the laboratory fulfills each of the conditions and demonstrates its competence in conducting laboratory tests, it awards the status of an accredited laboratory and we are proud that this process was successfully implemented for us.

At the very beginning, the management of the laboratory Konzilijum decided that the basic goal was trust in quality, and that this will be what we will be recognised for by the users and experts.

The achievement of this goal is the motivation to invest even more energy and genuine effort into top education of the staff, monitoring trends in the field of medical diagnostics, procurement of state-of-the-art equipment and development of methods with the best validation characteristics and minimum uncertainty.

Accreditation is issued for a period of four years during which the Institute for Accreditation performs regular inspections and controls in order to verify the competence of the laboratory. Our task is to justify the trust we deserve, therefore we assure with certainty that quality remains the basic element of the strategy, business policy and tasks of the management and all employees in the laboratory Konzilijum.

Team of the laboratory Konzilijum